The customer picks up by himself his ordered dishes

Initial situation:
Modern people are dynamic and bother more about efficiency than about the status to be served by someone. Many modern style restaurants already let their guests pick up by themselves the ordered dishes. Such self-service concepts are not only cost-saving but also attractive to guests. The advantage allows restaurants to save massively personal costs.
The restaurant has 15 tables.

Composition of the system:
18x iPod Touch (2x for 2 waiters, 1x for the cook, 15x for the 15 tables), 1x bill printer, 1x WLAN.

The service procedure:
As soon as the cook has prepared a specific dish, the guest is informed by a light vibration sound on his iPod on the table and can pick up by himself his dish at the counter near to the kitchen.
The new self-service concept offers the guests freshly prepared dishes without loss of selection and quality.
The new concept will change your restaurant to a discussion topic in your region and attract new customers for you.

Cost of service per month
3 x 0.- CHF, 1 x 0.- CHF for the printer, 15 x 8.- CHF = 120.- CHF for the 15 tables.
You save salary costs for the service staff and lead a relaxed team which can care for the personal contact with the guests instead of running around uselessly.