All functions and advantages in overview

Advantage of new registration:
Easy registration with few indications.
Easy setup, Appstore download, registrate iPod via web browser.
System instantly works after registration with precharged pattern example restaurant, without much configuration work.
System is easy and self explanatory, instructions are almost superfluous.
Generally there is no need of an expert for the installation.

Functions for the waiter: The waiter orders via mobile iPod or via stationary iPad.
The waiter has quick GUI in order to find dishes quickly.
The waiter has number GUI in order to find dishes quickly by entering numbers.
The waiter has detail GUI, dishes are listed here with full names. This is really useful for new employees.
Split bill.
Calculate change.
Display table plan for new waiters.
Print sale statistics for cash completion and sale analysis.
Display table status: Which table has already an open order.
Service call is displayed.

Functions for the guests:
Multilingual for international guests.
Order alone without waiter.
Settle up and service call
Display of dishes with actual pictures.
Detail description of dishes.
Take picture via iPod and send it by email.
Feedback of the guests after payment, for quality improvements of the restaurant.

Functions for the manager:
Cross-zone payments are reported to the manager via his iPod/iPhone.
Bill cancellations are reported to the manager.
Manager receives sales figures via iPod/iPhone.
Menu administration via PC.
Menu offers according to time visible for the guests.
Statistics for checkout end with waiter.

Functions for the cook:
The cook receives the order via printer (optional).
The cook receives the order via iPod (optional).
The cook has the overview of the guests via his iPod.
Separated areas of responsibility: Pizza, Spaghetti, etc.
The guests order via iPod.

Call service display:
The guests can call the service by their own iPod.
The waiter receives the service call visibly on his iPod.
Service call is displayed on a call iPod.

Function as cash checkout:
Fast access without table choice.
The use of iPad instead of iPod Touch is recommended.

Function as takeaway checkout:
Fast access without table choice.
The use of iPad instead of iPod Touch is recommended.

Functions for data security:
Security: iPod is identified according to name of employees.
Security: Professional backup.
Security: Encoded connection.
Security: Encoded WLAN, no access to the restaurant outside restaurant WLAN.