Data security

Professional data center for cloudcomputing
Instead of using post modern checkout systems, of which the local server is located in a cellar room or under an office table, Dinnn system is used over cloudcomputing on professional, air conditioned data centers with location in Switzerland. Professional IT-specialists look after the maintenance respectively the backup of your server.
A local solution causes every year on average at least one maintenance, which is done on site by professional specialists. This is not only a big cost factor. The local server is not adapted to a professional server. That's why maintenances constantly cause hardware and software breakdowns, which influenced the reliability of the system in the past.
If you already use e-banking for your business, you certainly have better understandings for advantages of the data center cloudcomputing solutions.

Connection through SSL, secured data flow
HTTPS protocol is used for the communication inside Dinnn system. HTTPS is used in World Wide Web for transferring data in a safe way. HTTPS protocol is already used in today's e-banking system and stands for one of the most secured data transferring methods worldwide.

Reliability of today's Internet connection
Internet provider reliably work with modern technology and with devices of the latest generation. There are barely network connection failures. Therefore Dinnn System which is based on the network, is also really reliable.