Bringing paper sheets to the kitchen is superfluous

Composition of the system: 1x iPod Touch for the waiter, 1x printer for the bills, 1x printer for the order sheets for the cook (iPod/iPad for the cook as option), 1x WLAN.

The service procedure:
The waiter enters the order by iPod directly at the guests' table. The cook in the kitchen is informed in real time of the order, by an order sheet printer or without paper by an iPod/iPad. Therefore, the order is directly sent to the kitchen, without loss of time. In conclusion, the bill is displayed on the waiter's iPod and printed on the bill printer.

Service costs per month: 0.- CHF
The service for the first 4 devices (a device can be an iPod, iPad or a printer) is free.

Restaurants with several kitchen and bars
If your restaurant has several kitchen and bars, you can install a printer for every food and drink issue point, in order to print the order sheets on site, where they belong to.

Kitchen without paper sheets:
Order sheets in paper form are difficult for the kitchen to sort, in order to keep the overview of all orders. Besides, it also represents a hygiene risk if order sheets are put on the dishes and mixed with food sauce. Dinnn also offers an iPod/iPad solution for the cook, whereby the cook has the overview of all orders. Differences in delivery times between guests at the same table and wrong delivery sequences can therefore be avoided. The paper sheets can now disappear from the kitchen.